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The Great Cambridge Exam Term Adventure [entries|friends|calendar]
The Great Cambridge Exam Term Adventure

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[02 Jul 2005|07:53am]

And so the Great Cambridge Adventure draws to an end...
It's been a pleasure guys. Love you all very much.
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[21 Jun 2005|05:28pm]

Yesterday was the Fitz Garden Party, a chance to relax in the sun with Pimms or Cava whilst listening to pretty music from fitz's own performers (mostly).
In the evening Liz, Mark, Becky, Rachel, Chris, Dave, Ian, Chris, Linsday, Negar and I went punting to Grantchester, which still doesn't exist. However, we had a barbeque in a meadow and candles and didn't get too scared. Big thank you to Mark for punting our boat all the way there and back :)

This is short cause it's the ball tonight and I'm not in any way prepared...
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[11 Jun 2005|06:53pm]

On Tuesday night Jerry and I ventured out into the big wide world and went to Life.
After a request they even played 1 2 Step :D
Doesn't get much more exciting than that now, does it?
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[05 Jun 2005|10:33am]

The Great Cambridge Adventure has stalled somewhat.
But soon all exams will be over and fun will begin again...
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is it all gravy? [27 May 2005|08:17pm]

Hmmm, it's been a few days since an update.
There was a viewing of the second star wars film in Benj's room.
And a trip to the cinema to see the third one.
And probably some other things...
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[23 May 2005|05:34pm]

Sunday night was Student Tribe meeting at Fitz - very restful... Then onto the bar and Benj's room.
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what a day... [22 May 2005|11:48am]

what can I say? what a day... what a result!

I started in the morning with a gentle (hmm) game of squash with Rahim followed by a light (hmm) lunch in the buttery and a pleasant afternoon of ballroom dancing. Matt and I chilled round Wilson Court/my room before heading down into town in preperation for the muchly exciting Ceilidh (Scottish dance) that we had in the evening with people from our church.

The dance was actually fabulous, though this morning I have reservations about the gluten-free-ness of some of the food I ate... I spent the last half hour singing loudly with Suzy, I kinda wish I'd been drunk so I had more of an excuse for that...

Anyhow... back to Johns and the spectacle of Eurovision began, ignoring cries to fastforward certain entries the more dedicated of us dutifuly worked our way through all 24 songs (with only a couple of noticeable interruptions...). We huried the interval/voting along a little, we really didn't need to hear all 39 countries say how well the show is going and demonstrate that they'd learnt a few words in Ukranian!

The early votes didn't look good, putting Latvia's mediocre entry in first and Greece well down the pack and I was a bit worried Eurovision was about to lose the fragile fragment of musical credibility which it (questionably) still holds onto... political voting was, of course, as comedy as ever

Anyhow, after a good few minutes of Terry Wogan getting steadily more cynical we finally had a winner, and boy was I right! Helena Paparizou swept the board for Greece! I definitely remember saying Greece'd win... her odds closed at 2-1 or somethin so she was the bookies favorite; though I got her at 10-1 which is a nice £50 for my bank account... hehe... though my hopes for Hungary were dashed due to a performance that was much weaker than in the semis and my expectation that Javine would make top 10 was just ruthlessly crushed... 22nd?? The 'Big Four' (Spain, France, Germany & the UK) who basically fund the whole thing comically filled the bottom 4 places in the competition...

Bosnia only managed 14th, I'd hoped for so much more... people obviously were in the mood for an understated balad as Malta were the runners up (though apparently she only got one '12 points' all night, from Russia)... sparks do still rule eurovision, romania made third.

Ahh... definitely a night to remember, for one reason or another!
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[22 May 2005|03:46am]

Well done to Helena from Greece ;)
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Eurovision... tonight!! [21 May 2005|12:13pm]

well vicks... you've actually covered most of the important details in your post... 'drumming' is the new 'stripping' apparently with almost every act having some sort of comedy drum whilst only one act went full on strip... and unfortunately the more miss belarus took off the more we wanted her to put back on, never before have a worse 3 outfits been coupled together.

Iceland were the biggest shock casualty of the night, tipped to win the semi-final and cruise into the top 5 of the final they didn't even qualify for the next round, dissapointing for Selma no doubt who came 2nd when she entered about 6 years ago!

Norway dissapointed with a slightly scary performance of their glam rock anthem, Romania's dubious construction site setting highlighted more than ever that its not really a song contest anymore and that men with spark guns can make a winner... There's a lot to be said for the overall quality of some of the songs in the final which should safely see Javine battling to even make the top 10, but I have faith that she will... Malta's epicly understated balad which follows us as the 3rd song in the contest could surprise if people are that way inclined! Actually I quite fancy the pop/motown vibe of the Bosnian entry... but I've never seen it performed so I really can't call on it! If you're a betting man/woman it could be a very lucrative investment with 12-1 odds...

I've said all along however that the winner will either be Hungary or Greece, I'll probably be wrong (this is Eurovision afterall) but if the performance is good (they weren't in the semis...) I'm gonna say 'Greece', cos I really quite like it (NB songs that I actually like never win Eurovision).

Javine will get... urm... 9th?

oh, and last night... rocky kindly cooked me dinner and then we watched the buffy musical, epic comedy! meanwhile the guys on my corridor started the first installment of their marathon 6 movie star wars journey... to be continued on sunday night!
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[20 May 2005|05:43pm]

Last night was, of course, the semifinals of Eurovision and Rocky, Jerry and I gathered in Jerry's room to watch the proceedings :D
Now, I'm no expert on Eurovision so I think Jerry may have to fill in what I miss, but it was an exciting evening, especially with the scorecards (marks out of twelve for song, performance, dance routine and outfit). The countries that are now through to the final are Hungary, Romania, Norway, Moldova, Israel, Dane, Macedonia, Croatia, Switzerland and Lithuania...
Moldova was pretty impressive (granny in a rocking chair playing a drum), and the outfits (3 of them) of the woman from Belarus had to be seen to be believed. Portugal was pitiful :( and there seemed to be a running theme of drums throughout the contest. Other than that I seem to have forgotten most of the performances... I just can't describe the magic to those who missed it ;)
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[20 May 2005|05:37pm]

On Tuesday it was Becky's birthday so there was a corridor gathering on bottom S, where fajitas were cooked and wine was drunk. Rach, Becky, Nick and I watched About A Boy, joined at various points by Negar, Sarah, Pip, Alex, and Liz (sorry). Good film, good food, good evening :)
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outrageous, so contagious [17 May 2005|04:49pm]

Last night was Becky and Phil's birthday formal, which was fairly well-attended, with even Linsday managing to venture out of her room :0 As someone commented at the meal, the staff weren't filled with the joys of spring and seemed quite keen to get rid of us. Despite an odd starter (random bits of quiche, melon, cucumber, egg with mayonnaise and an olive on top, raspberries and a couple of leaves) the rest of the food was pretty good: chicken with tomatoey sauce and a toffee cheesecake for dessert.
After dinner we moved to the bar and socialised until the lights went down and it was time to make our ways to bed...
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i just want to dance the day away... [16 May 2005|09:45am]

my saturday was a moderately chilled affair, a vague notion of doing some work quickly gave way to casual chit-chat before brunch and then my weekly dose of ballroom dancing. We mainly went over stuff we'd done before, but the introduction of the nausea-enducing Viennese Waltz was quite exciting.

if memory serves its left foot forward, right foot forward with a bit of a 90 degree turn to the left, then you continue turning another 90 and shift the weight back onto the left (which slides round a bit). then you step back on ur right, allowing ur partner to step forwards between ur legs, continue turning to the left with a step of the left foot and then complete a second 180 spin by bringing ur feet alonside one another... so you just walk up and down the room spinning a lot really.

sunday, of course, brought with it the many joys of church (including a slighty cringe-worthy song with actions 'jesus is the rock that doesn't roll' which i muchly hope the kids enjoyed) and then the now traditional picnic on jesus green after. A bit of male bonding later and me and matt produced a wonderful dinner party in Martin's room in Johns, which was muchly lovely...

we started with a summer melon selection served with prosciutto di parma, moved on to a chile con carne (or many many bean chile for the veggie) with basmati rice and tortilla chips (which we kinda forgot to serve) and ended up with a New York style baked cheesecake served with a summer fruit compote. mmm
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[14 May 2005|10:38am]

On Thursday night, Jerry cooked for Suzy and I and later we, Kate and Matt watched Bride and Prejudice in Jim's room, joined later by Rocky, Jim and Benj. The no wife, no life song was arguably the best part of the film, although all of it was enjoyed, aided by the sweets Matt brought.

Yesterday was the celebration of Liz's birthday at the Maypole. Many people attended, not quite all of whom I can name*, and there was drinking of cocktails and general merriment... :)

*Pretty much all the people whose names have ever been mentioned here were there, plus some more CLCers, and engineers.
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[11 May 2005|03:46pm]

Had a night out at the Maypole yesterday with Liamm, Jim, Jerry, David, Marieka, Becks, Suzy, Richard, Matt, Rocky and a friend of Rocky's and one of Matt's whose names I have forgotten :( The evening included sampling of some exciting cocktails and people-watching... Liamm, Jim, David and I headed off a little after 11, leaving those of a more hard-core nature to continue the parting at Rocky's room (probably).
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Puddin Partee [09 May 2005|11:52am]

well i had church in the mornin, followed by a corporate luncheon thingy that was pretty dope... left during a (relatively) dry spell before I got caught up in the afternoon's 'advanced cell leader training'. Frittered the afternoon away doing... hmm... basically nothing...

in the evening Rocky and I walked up to Girton for Suzy's long awaited pudding party. Others present included Planey, Geoff, Matt, Frosa, Georgie and a bunch of other Girtonians who I have forgotte the names of. Roxy and Whittaker turned up shortly before the end! lots of food... lots of pictionary-esque games and lots of general chilling, wickedy.
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work club?? [08 May 2005|03:35pm]

so yeah, yesterday began at the early hour of 8:30, though workclub itself only began soon after 10 (delayed from its original 9:30 start time). Matt came round and we did our best to get some work done though the morning was broken up by frequent visits from Lennie, Vicky and then (dirty stop-out)Suzy who ended up joining in for a while.

We had brunch at New Hall (joined by Planey, Liz, Kate and Esther before heading off to dancing!! Wahoo! Dancing is always fun, and this was no exception... we learnt a new bit for the Waltz and a well groovy flick kick thingy-ma-bobby for the end of the ChaChaCha!

Work club succesfully continued into the afternoon, with fewer interruptions (it was nice to see Annalise pop round!) and we got a couple of hours work done, when we weren't picking playlists on the computer. Matt and I headed down into town to get some dinner from Sainsburys, met up with Rocky and cooked ourselves a curry at Chritsts... and as if that wasn't enough for one day we went back to Johns where Marika and then Suzy joined us for a showing of 'Seven years in Tibet'!
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[08 May 2005|11:02am]

So on Friday there was a prayer meeting at New Hall, and lots of people came back to Fitz bar and to Cafe... When that ended about 11.30, Matt, Suzy, Penny, Jerry, Phil, Jim and I headed to Jerry's room to collect Pimm's and then to mine so we wouldn't disturb the engineers by staying up late.
Had a pleasant evening, Jim brought his guitar over and Suzy played for us :) General chatting and such, even turned to some deep conversations at the later stages. We stayed up till 3 so Suzy and I slept quite late, though Jerry was more dedicated and got up at 8.30 for workclub...
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rock gospel? [06 May 2005|12:37pm]

whilst Vicky and co were embracing election fever, Kate, Rocky & I headed down to Great St Mary's church to hear the Revelation Rock Gospel Choir, featuring none other than Suzy Stride soloing with 'Torn' as well as a variety of other exceptional performances! We even had the joy of meeting Mr & Mrs Stride!

we briefly watched the election in Rocky's room, whilst reading Smash Hits Magazine, before retiring back up the hill... course I didn't go to bed I got stuck into my coursework *cough* with the election on in the background *cough cough* whilst Matt via msn provided a light political commentary. I gave up once I'd seen Kilroy fail and Howard conceed the overall election (so about half 4...) and headed to bed.

gotta finish the coursework today!
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[06 May 2005|10:08am]

Yesterday there was an election party in Sarah's room... There weren't many results coming in but the boys (Ben, Stevie, Joe Neary, Seb, Nick) were quite keen on watching, while Dave and Ian tried to complete a puzzle and the girls (Rachel, Becky, Phil, Sarah, Helen and I) mostly sat around discussing more girly topics. A thankfully-not-too-election-dominated evening :)
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